Sunday School Juniors (4-6 grade)

Travelers in Biblical Times is a series of lessons in which you will be able to embark together with your students on a great three-year chronological journey through the entire history of Scripture. Along the way you will:

• Discover how all the stories in the Bible have only one hero, God, who is the only one who deserves the glory.

• Learn how the gospel transforms the way you think, feel, and live from day to day.

• They will find essential basic doctrines that every student should know.

Each teacher’s book contains 13 lessons, a set of full-color visuals, maps, and a chronological overview. In addition, the student material and other visual aids are completely free and can be downloaded at

Lección ejemplar del maestro / Teacher's lesson sample

Investigación diaria del alumno / Daily study sample

Actividad ejemplar / Activity sample

Visual ejemplar / Visual sample

Panorama cronológico ejemplar / Sample timeline

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