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God has been at work throughout all ages, not just in the stories described in Scripture. The Bible Visuals bring this reality to children by sharing real stories of believers from different times and places whom God has drawn and used for His glory. These testimonies serve to share the gospel and also to teach young believers about the heritage of our faith and the transformative power of the gospel in anyone’s life.

These stories are not just tall tales but windows to truth. Some of them are clever adaptations of classic Christian literature, packaging profound biblical messages into engaging narratives. Others are true stories of what has done in the lives of His people. Are you organizing clubs or summer Bible schools? Are you looking to enrich your church or Christian school curriculum? Perhaps you are in charge of homeschooling? These flexible and captivating stories adapt to any context, providing engaging and inspiring learning.

Let the Bible visuals awaken curiosity, nurture faith, and unleash the imagination of the youngest ones as they explore God’s grace in other believers.

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