The Theological Education by Extension (TEE) materials are designed for programmed self-study or for non-formal educational environments. TEE is an organized program of theological education for men of God who are pastoring churches and individuals carrying out ministerial functions that do not allow them the benefits of formal Bible training. TEE materials allow students to individually interact with the course content which is presented in a careful and methodical manner. Study questions are interspersed throughout the notes with answers provided to assure that students are following and understanding the concepts.

TEE materials are best employed when courses are part of an extension educational program. Individual students complete assigned segments of the course notes on their own and then gather together for review, refinement and application.

EBI offers the following TEE courses: Doctrina de Dios, Doctrina de Cristo, Doctrina de la Sagradas Escrituras, Teoría de Música, Síntesis del Nuevo Testamento, Síntesis del Antiguo Testamento, Principios de Interpretación, La Familia Cristiana, La Vida Cristiana Victoriosa.

A manual that explains the use of TEE materials and the establishment of an extension program is also available.

Materials designed for the more traditional and formal educational environment are available through EBI’s University level Theological Curriculum Program (see “University level courses” link below or in the green box to the right).

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