Biblical Counseling 31 Days with God

Discover a unique collection of monthly devotionals that invite you to deepen your connection with God through an immersion in and reflection upon His Word. Each book focuses on a specific theme, acting as a beacon for your spiritual growth and the practical application of biblical truths to your daily life.

To enrich this experience even further, each day includes a concrete task designed to put into practice what you have learned. These captivatingly simple tasks reveal their effectiveness in fostering growth in your relationship with God. By embracing these tasks, you will tangibly experience His love and power manifesting in your life. Join us on this transformative 31 Days with God journey.

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Addictive Habits (Spanish) Addictive Habits (Spanish)
David R. Dunham (MDiv)
Doubt (Spanish) Doubt (Spanish)
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Money (Spanish) Money (Spanish)
Jim Newheiser (DMin)
Pornography (Spanish) Pornography (Spanish)
Depak Reju (MDiv, PhD)