How it All Began (Spanish)


How it All Began is the first volume of the Biblical Time Travelers series, in which the child will embark on a three-month journey through the first 24 chapters of the book of Genesis. He will learn stories such as the creation, the fall, God’s judgment and mercy, the universal flood, the tower of Babel, characters such as Job and Abraham and much more.

Biblical Time Travelers is a series of lessons in which you will be able to embark together with your students for three years on a great chronological journey through the entire history of Scripture. Along the way:

  • You will discover how all the stories in the Bible fit together and focus on Jesus.
  • You will learn how the gospel transforms the way people think, feel, and live from day to day.
  • They will find essential primary doctrines that every student should know.

Each teacher’s book contains 13 lessons, a set of full-color visuals, maps, and a chronological overview. In addition, the student material and other visual aids are completely free and can be downloaded at

  • 108 pages plus 30 pages of visuals

Product details

Item number SJ-861
Format Paperback
Number of pages 138
Dimensions 9" x 12"
ISBN 978-1-953663-00-9