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The teacher’s packet contains a book with detailed notes to guide the professor and provide information for his teaching. It includes exercises to reinforce the lectures and an extensive bibliography to help the professor in his preparation. The packet also includes a CD with a PowerPoint slide presentation linked to the notes and pedagogical aides such as sample tests.

Página ejemplar del libro de maestro / Sample page from teacher's book

Lamina ejemplar de Power Point / Sample PowerPoint slide

The student book contains a large part of the clase material. This assures the professor that the student will leave the class with the necessary information written down. The are spaces to be filled in so that the student actively participates in the class. There is space for additional notes which permits the professor in his lectures to include supplemental information that is not in the notes. There are also specific and well designed exercises. The student just needs to do the work and write in the appropriate places.

Página ejemplar del libro del alumo / Sample page from student's book

The comprehensive CD grants the purchaser institutional rights to make unlimited copies. The owner can make unlimited copies of the materials within one localized academic institution. This does not allow for the transfer of these rights, the Comprehensive CD, or any of the documents contained therein (including the PowerPoint presentation) to another institution. The following course components are available on this CD.
  • Introduction to the student notes (PDF format)
  • Student notes (PDF format)
  • Student front cover (PDF format)
  • Introduction to the professor notes
  • Professor notes (PDF format)
  • Professor front cover (PDF format)
  • PowerPoint presentation (PPT format)
  • Generic back cover (PDF format)
  • Pedagogical aids (PDF format)

For more information see the following brochure.

Introducing EBI's Theological Curriculum

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