Doctor in the Pygmy Forest (Spanish)


Lois Headley Dick. This biography follows the mission work of Dr. Carl Becker as he encounters witch doctors, leprosy, pygmies and war during 40 years in the Congo (Zaire). In this true story, his unwavering faith is an example for today’s children. Dr. Carl K. Becker was a missionary physician in the Belgian Congo (once known as Zaire and now Congo), Africa for 47 years (1929-1976). This humble man opened medical clinics and hospitals, helped organize a school for training nurses, did research on leprosy, served as field superintendent for AIM (Africa Inland Mission), and was loved and respected by Africans and missionaries alike. This five-chapter story shows God’s power, guidance, faithfulness and deliverance to a man who trusted in Him.

  • Visuals- 36 pages
  • Story- 16 pages

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Item number EN-102
Format Paperback
Number of pages 52
Dimensions 9" x 12"
ISBN 978-1-944839-91-8