Administration of the Church (Spanish)

Max A. Lanz. This course provides a detailed study of the pastoral work of administration within the local church and the importance of organizing the church around its mission statement. Instruction will be given concerning how to organize the different ministries of the local church as well as the training of leaders to give oversight to those ministries. Although the course focuses primarily on the administrative work of a pastor, the material will also be beneficial for leaders in other Christian organizations.

  • Editorial Bautista Independiente
  • Spiral
  • Professor’s packet: 135 pages, ISBN# 978-1-944839-20-8
  • Student’s book: 131 pages, ISBN# 978-1-944839-19-2
  • Comprehensive CD: ISBN# 978-1-944839-24-6
The recommended textbooks are:

La Doctrina y Administración de la Iglesia
La Administración en la Iglesia
Administración Básica para Iglesias y Ministerios Cristianos

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