The Minister as Shepherd

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Of all the titles which have been designated for the envoys of the Son of God, that of “shepherd” is the most popular, the most beautiful, and the most ample. Bishop, presbyter, preacher, priest, clergyman, rector, parson, minister—all of these have been long, and are still, in use, but not one of them is so satisfying or sufficient as “shepherd.”

If we are called to fulfill Christ’s mission, then our work is that of a shepherd. If we are to be judged by Christ, then the standard of the judgment day is to be the standard of a shepherd. Since Christ is the image of his Father, it follows that God himself is a shepherd God. To glorify him we must do a shepherd’s work, and to enjoy him forever we must have the shepherd heart.

Based on a series of lectures delivered in 1912, this work by Jefferson is considered his finest and offers timely wisdom for the church today. Every pastor should read this book on how to model the ministry of pastoral leadership according to the Bible.


Charles E. Jefferson
Charles E. Jefferson

Charles E. Jefferson was pastor of Broadway Tabernacle in New York City for over forty years, combining effective preaching with consistent pastoral work. By the time of his death in 1937, he had written more than a dozen books.

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