A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity (Spanish)


Rolland McCune‘s Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity is a must-read for those desiring to go beyond the basics of biblical doctrine. McCune brings a strong emphasis on the exegetical basis for each doctrine and teaching. The theology is written based on the following perspectives: a presuppositional apologetic, a single source (Scripture) as the only rule for theology, cessationism, pretribulational premillennialism, a dispensational structure of God’s progressive revelation, recent creationism, and a Calvinistic soteriology. This book is very engaging and understandable. Even complex doctrines are written in a way that is clear and concise for any reader.

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Rolland McCune (ThM, ThD)
Rolland McCune (ThM, ThD)

He was a professor of systematic theology for 42 years, serving at Central Baptist Theological Seminary and at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, at the latter he also served as president. He has written numerous theological articles and is also the author of the book “Promise Unfulfilled: The Failed Strategy of Modern Evangelicalism.

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