A Small Book About we Hide (Spanish)

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As humans, we are prone to insecurities, fear of failure, and regrets which we try to hide and cover up, resulting in isolation from both those around us and God. Through fifty devotionals, counselor Edward T. Welch shows us how God speaks with gentleness, depth, and hope that will lead us out of hiding and to live more openly, authentic, and regret-free.

Welch speaks to our struggles with shame, disappointments, and inadequacy with God’s words of love and change. Welch shows us how we were created to be known by God and others, and how hiding undermines these relationships. Each daily devotional focuses on a specific biblical truth that unpacks the reasons underlying our feelings of failure and weakness and then points us in the direction of turning to God for acceptance, identity, and security.

Sometimes we hide because of our own failures and weaknesses, and sometimes we hide because of what others have done and said to us, but in either case, we can be free from shame because of the work of Christ on the cross.

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Edward T. Welch (PhD)
Edward T. Welch (PhD)

He is a professional psychologist and a member of the CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation). He has been a counselor for over thirty years and has written many books, including A Small Book About a Big Problem, A Small Book for the Anxious Heart, When People Are Big and God is Small, The Counselor’s Guide to the Brain and Its Disorders. He and his wife have two married daughters and eight grandchildren.

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