A Small Book for the Anxious Heart (Spanish)


Fear and anxiety are chronic struggles that are only intensifying and increasing with the time. Edward T. Welch shares the comfort and peace of Jesus in fifty brief readings for those who wrestle with fear.

A Small Book for the Anxious Heart is a small but powerful devotional that reminds men and women of the encouraging, beautiful words in Scripture to anxious people.

This devotional reaches deeper into Scripture, making the Word of God more accessible. Don’t put a Band-Aid on your fear and anxiety; rather, learn to bring your fear to Jesus, relying on his Word.

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Edward T. Welch (PhD)
Edward T. Welch (PhD)

He is a professional psychologist and a member of the CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation). He has been a counselor for over thirty years and has written many books, including A Small Book About a Big Problem, When People Are Big and God is Small, Side by Side, The Counselor’s Guide to the Brain and Its Disorders. He and his wife have two married daughters and eight grandchildren.

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