The Bible and Future Events

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This volume is an excellent introductory text for Bible institutes and seminaries, churches, or personal use. The first two chapters of the book present the key concepts and establish the importance of prophetic study, including a detailed and chronological list of eschatological events, and a complete definition of terminology. In the following seven chapters, the author considers each of the major eschatological events of the Bible, including: – The Rapture – The Great Tribulation – The Church Spared from the Tribulation – The Antichrist – Israel in the Tribulation – The Close of the Tribulation – The Millennium.


Leon J. Wood (PhD)
Leon J. Wood (PhD)

He was professor of Old Testament in Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary from 1945 to 1975 He served as dean in the same institution from 1952 to 1973. He is the author of The Prophets of Israel and A Survey of Israel’s History.

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