I'll Trust in You, New Testament (Spanish)

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En Ti Confiaré will help you think biblically about the faithfulness of God in such a way that you will trust him more. God is faithful and his Word declares that truth. The book En Ti Confiaré, written by more than twenty Spanish speaking theologians and pastors, contains twenty-seven reflections based on each book of the New Testament. These devotionals will help you to meditate deeply on the faithfulness of God. They will encourage you, when you are passing through trials and difficulties, to run to Him. He is faithful. He will sustain you!

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Josué Pineda Dale (MDiv, ThM)
Josué Pineda Dale (MDiv, ThM)

Is the pastor of of outreach and Hispanic ministries at the Grace Baptist Church in Hutchinson, KS. He also collaborates as editor and author in various ministries. Josué is married to Mabe and they have two children: Daniel and Valentina. He writes regularly in his blog “De regreso a la Cruz” [Back to the Cross] and for “Hombre Renovado” {Renewed Man] for the Spanish ministry Soldado de Jesucristo [Soldiers of Jesus Christ].

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