What is on the Book Detail Page

What is on the Book Detail Page

A link to the item category can be found at the top above the book title. (Note: some books are listed in more than one category.) (1)

Book details English

The book cover is pictured on the right portion of the information box. The book’s title is listed in bold beside the cover followed by a brief description of the book’s content. (2)

Below the description additional information is provided including:

  • Publisher
  • Cover style
  • Number of pages
  • ISBN#.

Some listings will include a link to a PDF file of the book’s table of contents and/or the book’s preface. (3)

To order, go to the light grey section. If there is more than one component of the title select the component you want by clicking on the circle so that a black dot appears in the circle. The darker gray section identifies the book’s component and price. (4)

Then go to the next section to select the number of books you would like to order. To add the books to the shopping cart, click the “add to cart” button on the right. (5)

At the bottom of the page related books may be displayed. To view those books click on the title. (6)