# EH-176

When God Chooses, vol. 1 (Spanish)

Keith Kaynor. David is more than the 23rd Psalm, the killing of Goliath and the adultery with Bathsheba. Much more He is a man to know.

“The Son of David” is one of our Lord’s titles. That God would allow the experiences of any mortal man to parallel those of the God-Man Jesus Christ, says much about the man. The Living God has given us His opinion of this man. David is one of the four most thoroughly reported lives in Scripture. Worth knowing.

This volume covers the events of the life of David found in 1 Samuel 16 through 2 Samuel 4:12.

  • Editorial Bautista Independiente
  • Paperback
  • 185 pages
  • ISBN# 978-1-879892-48-4


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