Hymnal Eternal Life (Spanish)

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The hymnal Eternal Life is a gem designed to enrich worship in Spanish-speaking congregations. It aims to provide a lasting and meaningful tool for praise, helping congregations express their gratitude and worship to God with hymns that will endure for generations.

Key Features:

  • Biblical Foundation: Each hymn is based on Scripture, strengthening faith and devotion.
  • Varied Repertoire: It seeks to represent the best of the old and the new, including translated and original Spanish hymns selected by leaders from across Latin America, showcasing the best of Christian music throughout the centuries.
  • Doctrinal and Musical Excellence: Hymns selected for their theological accuracy and artistic quality.
  • Local Context: Designed for congregational worship in Spanish, adapted to the needs of churches in Latin America.

Expositors Press

Product details

Item number EP-100
Format Hardbound
Number of pages 506
Dimensions 6.25" x 9.25"
ISBN 979-8-9897491-2-6