Blue is for Boys

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In a secular world where gender roles are being redefined and society is being affected, it is necessary to reinforce the teaching of biblical masculinity. In this book Karla Fernández reminds us that not only do fathers have a transcendental role, but mothers are also a fundamental part of teaching masculinity to their children. In El Azul es para los Niños, Karla de Fernández develops how the gospel is the only means to mold the hearts of young men and to rescue them from the clutches of the world so that they may be men according to the divine plan.


Karla de Fernández
Karla de Fernández

She currently serves as the director of Women’s Initiatives for Soldiers of Jesus Christ. In addition, she is the author of the books Home Under His Grace and The Secret of Joy. Karla has been married to her husband Carlos since 2005 and she is the mother of Daniel, Santiago, and Matías.

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