Every Believer Confident (Spanish)


For ordinary Christians who long to share their faith effectively, but don’t know where to begin, Every Believer Confident is the ultimate guidebook.

Every believer is called to proclaim the gospel and “give an answer” when objections are raised against the Christian faith, but many feel ill-equipped to do so. They want to be like Jesus and effectively engage the lost but lack the confidence and basic skills.

Every Believer Confident: Apologetics for the Ordinary Christian simplifies the basic principles of apologetics and provides effective strategies for use in actual encounters with unbelievers. It provides a structure whereby any Christian can engage anyone they meet, move the conversation to spiritual matters, and present the gospel of Christ in all its glory and rationality.

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Mark Farnham (PhD)
Mark Farnham (PhD)

Is a professor of apologetics at Lancaster Bible College and Founder of Apologetics for the Church, a local church training ministry. He has been teaching apologetics and theology at the college and seminary level since 2002.

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