Beyond Chapter and Verse (Spanish)


Do you struggle to connect the dots between the Bible and your life? While Christians instinctively want to apply Scripture, we encounter difficulties that can discourage us and diminish our engagement with God’s Word. Indeed, biblical application has suffered in various ways in the church—everything from neglect to abuse to contempt. Responding to such challenges, Beyond Chapter and Verse provides a biblically based rationale for the practice of application and then proposes a biblically consistent method for application.

This book sets forth a sensible approach for arriving at legitimate applications of Scripture. A rich assortment of positive and negative case studies illustrates the method, motivating believers to apply the Scriptures for themselves.

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Ken Casillas (PhD)
Ken Casillas (PhD)

He is Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Bob Jones University Seminary and Senior Pastor of Cleveland Park Bible Church, Spartanburg, SC. He is also the author of “The Law and the Christian: God’s Light Within God’s Limits.” Ken and his wife Soraya have five children.

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