Set of 9 Charts


John C. Whitcomb, Jr. The Whitcomb and Boyer charts are excellent tools that provide a biblical chronology and history of the Scriptures, including events and biblical characters of the story of the world contemporary to the biblical narrative. A set of 9 charts including:

  • Chart of the Old Testament Kings and Prophets (Spanish)
  • Chart of the Old Testament Patriarchs and Judges (Spanish)
  • Chart from Creation to Abraham (Spanish)
  • Chart of the Babylonian Captivity (Spanish)
  • Chart of the Intertestamental Period (Spanish)
  • Chronology of the Crucifixion and Last Week (Spanish)
  • Chronology of the New Testament (Spanish)
  • Chart of The Millennial Reign of Christ (Spanish)
  • The Five Worlds of History, Science and Prophecy (Spanish)
  • Editorial Bautista Independiente
  • Laminated cardstock with perforations for 3-hole punch.
  • 28 cm x 21½ cm

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Item number CG-400