Suffering (Spanish)


Someone you love is ill, your child is in trouble, financial problems mount, you lost your job, your spouse left you–the list of troubles we experience is both uniquely difficult and depressingly similar. In this world we will suffer, Jesus promised that. But he also promised us something of infinite value–he will be with his people in their suffering.

Steve Brown, a well known radio Bible teacher, writes honestly about his own struggles with suffering, but then also shares the hope he has found in the presence of Christ. It is in turning to him and remembering that he knows all about our struggles that we experience the power to endure in love and hope through the most difficult situations.


Steve Brown
Steve Brown

He is the Founder of Key Life Network and the Bible teacher on the national radio program Key Life. Steve served as a pastor for more than 25 years in different churches. He is the author of ten books and is currently serving as Visiting Professor of Practical Theology at Knox Theological Seminary and also at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is married to Anna and they are the parents of two daughters and grandfather of three granddaughters.

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