Hope for the Depressed (Spanish)


Depression makes so many things hard. Things you used to take for granted: a good nights´ sleep, having goals, responding to someone’s love, looking forward to the future. Is there any hope and help for those who are struggling with depression? Edward T. Welch describes the world of the depressed person and gives a biblical perspective on the causes of depression. Then he outlines small, practical steps that will teach you to cry out to God and depend on him in the middle of your struggle.


Edward T. Welch (PhD)
Edward T. Welch (PhD)

Is a professional psychologist and a member of the CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation). He has been a counselor for over thirty years and has written many books, including A Small Book for the Anxious Heart, When People Are Big and God is Small, Side by Side, The Counselor’s Guide to the Brain and Its Disorders. He and his wife have two married daughters and eight grandchildren.

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