Changed into His Image (Spanish)


The Christian life consists of a relationship with God. It is not primarily about doing or not doing something. We cannot know God “in a hurry” any more than we could come to know another person that way. Relationships require enormous amounts of time spent in personal interaction with the other person.

Changed into His Image is a thirteen-week study and each of its chapters includes real life activities that explain God’s plan for transforming a believer’s life and how to build an intimate relationship with God. This book can be used in small groups or individually for youth or adult discipleship.


Jim Berg (DMin)
Jim Berg (DMin)

Is a professor at Bob Jones University Seminary. He is certified by the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC), serves as a board member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC), and is executive director of Freedom That Lasts. He is the author of several books including God is More than Enough, Created for His Glory, Basics for Believers, and others. He and his wife, Pat, have three married daughters.

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