Exploring God's Love (Spanish)

Champ Thornton. Exploring God’s Love consists of 120 Bible stories that take preschoolers on a journey through the Bible, from the creation of the world to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Inspire your students with God’s love, making His truth clear through powerful stories, exciting activities and vivid illustrations.

  • Positive Action
  • Teacher’s packet: includes 386 page loose leaf notebook and CD with student pages and clipart, ISBN# 978-1-59557-200-4
  • Student book: 169 pages, paperback, ISBN# 978-1-59557-180-9
  • Flash cards: 60 flash cards, ISBN# 978-1-59557-206-6
  • Story book: 245 pages, hard cover, ISBN# 978-1-59557-201-1

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Item number GP-125