Foundations of Faith: Who am I in Christ? and How do I grow in the faith? (Spanish)

This series of lessons focuses our attention in the process of spiritual growth. In first place, we face the matter of our spiritual security. Who are we in Christ? Is that spiritual transformation temporary or permanent? Is you relationship with Christ sure even when you sin? Second, we explore the tangible steps that a new Christian can take that will produce spiritual growth. While God is actively working in your life to make you into the image of Jesus Christ, He expects you to participate. He is expecting you to obey.

  • Editorial Bautista Independiente
  • Paperback
  • Teacher’s book: 87 pages, ISBN# 978-1-941215-90-6
  • Student’s book: 83 pages, ISBN# 978-1-941215-89-0

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Item number EB-362
Format Paperback
Number of pages 87
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