From Eden to Egypt (Spanish)

This study of Genesis underscores the fact that God gave the human race privileges and responsibilities that it squandered. From the first test of love for Him in the Garden of Eden to the treatment Joseph received from his brothers, we can trace the failures of fallen human beings. But thankfully, we can also trace the events orchestrated by our sovereign God. He did not swerve even once from His purposes, nor did He suspend any of His promises even for a moment. From Eden to Egypt reinforces our confidence in God’s faithful commitment to His promises and purposes.

  • Regular Baptist Press
  • Paperback
  • Teacher’s book: 104 pages, ISBN# 978-1-62940-008-2
  • Student’ book: 105 pages, ISBN# 978-1-62940-009-9
  • Resource CD, ISBN# 978-1-62940-028-0

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