How to Search for a Category of

How to Search for a Category of Books

Click the “Products” link in the menu at the top of the web page. (1) In the drop down menu select the main category of book you are looking for. (2) (If you use the menu at the bottom of the page you can select the main category in blue.)

Product selection English 1

Some main categories have sub-categories underneath them. For example, Sunday School is divided into Pre-school, Primary, Junior, Jr. High and Adults, and Life Design. (3)

Product selection English 2

Click on the sub-category you want and the books in that category will be displayed.

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If there are sub-categories they will be listed under the main category in links along the top of the page. (4) If you want to go to another main category you can click on the products link in the menu. (5)

If there are more than 10 books in a category they will be displayed 10 books to a page. Click on the numbers within the gray boxes at the bottom of the page to view the different pages. (7)

Some books will appear in more than one category.

Some category pages contain general information about the books in that category. This can be found to the right of the sub-category picture. (6)

To view a specific book, select the title, cover or the "view details" link. (8)