How to create an account

How to create an EBI web site account


There are 2 paths to arrive at the page where a new EBI web site account can be created.

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Click the link "person icon (1) in the upper right corner of any page. This link will direct you to the "Account login" page. On this page click on the link "Create one now". (2) This will transfer you to the "Create a new account" page. (Skip next paragraph.)

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You can also reach the same "Create new account" page by clicking on the link "Create one now (3) on the shopping cart page.

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On the "Create new account" page you need to fill in all of the appropriate fields. Most of the fields are required. Depending on the address the following fields may be left blank:

company name,

address line 2,


zip/postal code.

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The top section is for your e-mail address and password. (4) Your password is best if it is at least six characters long and contains a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. But you need to be able to remember it! The e-mail address and password are used when you access your account in the future. The EBI account number is the one that appears on your invoices if you ordered from EBI before.

The e-mail address and phone number are necessary if we have any questions and EBI needs to contact you.

The "Billing address" and "Shipping address" section should be filled in carefully. (5) Some address fields are important even if they are not required. The "company name" field identifies the name of your church, Bible institute or bookstore. The "address 2" field provides additional spacing for those who have long addresses. The zip code field is vital for all USA addresses and any foreign addresses with postal codes.

Very important: If you pay with a credit card, the "Billing address" on this website has to be the same as the address where you receive your credit card bill.

When you have entered all of the information correctly, click on the "Create new account" button. (6)

Privacy policy

EBI does not share any customer information with anyone outside of the EBI organization. Within the organization, customer information is only used to verify an address, contact the customer if there is a question or to check the status of an account so that we can send the order. The e-mail address and mailing address may be used by EBI to send periodic notices of new products and sales. If you do not wish to receive these notices let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.