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Published on 04/06/18

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There are few subjects more challenging for the evangelical community today than that of same sex attraction. Frequent attacks on the biblical worldview, both by the LGBTQ community and society at large, have encouraged two very different, yet equally unbiblical responses among evangelicals. The first is to compromise the biblical message about divinely ordered genders and sexual attraction by the acceptance of those practicing same sex attraction or by an unwillingness to speak the truth in love. While this response may appear compassionate, it undermines the integrity of Scripture by elevating man’s desires above God’s Word. The second unbiblical response compromises the love of Christ. While vigorously attempting to promote biblical standards of morality, the love of Christ is often shrouded and concern for the individual’s soul takes a backseat to the defense of cultural norms.

Steve Ham’s new book, La Atracción hacia el Mismo Sexo y el Evangelio addresses both of these Gospel ills. Steve is well equipped to write on this subject. In addition to his personal involvement as is recounted below, Steve has served as the Director of Community Relations for Answers in Genesis. Currently he is the Senior pastor of the Hyde Park Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH. Steve has received his MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

In this book Steve Ham clearly, concisely, and in a methodical manner unpacks the biblical teaching on gender, sexuality, and human relationships. With exegetical skill and theological clarity Steve unequivocally demonstrates God’s abhorrence of any sexual sin outside of the bounds of heterosexual marriage. Most importantly Steve clarifies that the answers for same sex attraction are the same Gospel answers as those for every sin. Those struggling with same sex attraction are no greater sinners than any other and thus equal candidates for the gospel. Ham writes, “God has purposed to save sinners for His own glory, and it is the very heart of His own mission across the entirety of time and His created world. With the spread of the LGBTQ agenda across the world, Christians have no reason to treat these people as a select group on untouchable ground, out of reach of the Gospel. To preach the gospel to these people is to comply with the very heart of the mission of God.”

But this book is far more than a treatise on human sexuality and Gospel clarity. This book is a personal story of the power of the Gospel to transform those held captive by same sex attraction. With brutal honesty Steve shares how David, his son, struggled with issues of gender and sexuality. As a public Christian leader and faithful father, Steve too struggled with his son’s sexual confusion and its effect upon family and ministry. The Gospel brought clarity and restoration to both.

Steve’s writing style is clear and compelling. He weaves their personal story with that of the Gospel message revealing how a clear understanding of the Gospel made him a better father and transformed the desires of his son. This is a great book that provides rich biblical teaching on the subject while offering hope and victory through Christ.

If you are a pastor who is looking for solid biblical material on the subject of gender, sexual identity, and same sex attraction, this book is for you. If you are a Christian who desires to better understand the issue and to grow in your ability to compassionately ministry to those struggling with this sin, then this book is for you too. If you are a parent whose child is struggling with same sex attraction or if you struggle with it yourself, then this book is definitely for you.


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